The exterior of Jet Sew

Jet Sew is an engineering and manufacturing company specializing in the automation of labor-intensive manufacturing tasks in the apparel and home furnishings industries. Established in 1959, the company has 25 patents and 2 trademarks with an engineering design department which includes 10 engineers with degrees in computer science, electrical, mechanical, and industrial engineering.

Located in Barneveld (near Utica), New York, the Company has a 65,000 square foot, single story building on 7.5 acres. This building is also the home for our manufacturing department, which includes two large assembly areas, a machine shop, which includes CNC's, vertical mills and lathes, a metal fabrication and welding area as well as a large paint booth.

We also maintain a customer service department and parts inventory to support what we sell.

With over 40 years of experience, Jet Sew is a leader in the design and automation of material handling and sewn products production systems.


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